Tudo uns filha da puta

a mina era firmeza, o cara que era otario


Alguém quer se minha amiga? haha

Me fez bem sair um pouco de casa

Anônimo asked:
You have a baby? So do you think their life is valuable just because you wanted them to be born? you're so pretentious, who are you to decide wether someone lives or dies?


I’m sorry, are you trying to wound me by using my daughter against me?  You’re pathetic. 

Regardless, a fetus is not “someone.”  It’s not a person.  It’s a fetus.  It has the potential to be a person, but only once it becomes aware; that awareness comes from birth.

As for my decision to have my daughter: I thought I was ready.  I thought I could handle it and I felt it was most responsible to have her.  Parenthood has shown me just how difficult it is to raise a child and has influenced my position as a pro-choice advocate.  I, in no way, regret my choice, but no one should commit to this level of responsibility - or the level of exhaustion pregnancy puts one through - unless they want to.



Street harassment is not a compliment.